You have the power to grow your confidence and income with self-love.

“The female version of David Deida -- like sweet poetry.” -Maria, Sweden

Self-love can feel overwhelming, I know. 


How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m not good enough”?

Probably, every day of your life -- if this describes you.




  • feel UNCOMFORTABLE getting in front of a CAMERA because you don't feel beautiful, sexy, or skinny enough. 

  • COPY OTHER WOMEN'S BUSINESS model, voice, and website cos you don’t fully trust your own voice and unique brilliance.

  • double-think before you post anything on social media from FEAR OF BEING JUDGED by your friends, family, or audience.

  • push, STRESS, and hustle from thinking you’re only worth as much as the hours you work, and you’re NOT allowing yourself to RELAX.

  • stay STUCK in a boring JOB you hate because you don't feel clear and confident enough to go BIG in your own business. 

  • leave money on the table because you HATE MARKETING and selling, and worry that if you receive, someone else loses out.  


Now you’re not sure another course can help you, but you’re ready for REAL answers. You’re tired of wasting your time, money, and sanity on methods that give you little to no results. 


"This course has been highly transformational!” -Laerke, Denmark


Maybe they’ve given you some great ideas or things you know you “should” do, but you still somehow backslide into old habits of self-sabotage and overwhelm. 


You’re starting to just give up altogether because it’s looking like NOTHING will work. 


I get it. Because I was you. I was my own worst enemy -- full of self-doubt, insecurity, and shame.


But I’ve discovered something that has helped me come out on the other side, and I’m here to support you to do the same. 


“I am eternally grateful. The amount of insights I gained from the exercises was profound.” -Amy, USA


Hi, I’m Nadja, a feisty writer who helps CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURS express their unique BRILLIANCE with words that SEDUCE and SELL. Deep inner work is my SECRET SUPERPOWER, and I draw on my COACHING background to help you GROW your CONFIDENCE and your BUSINESS. 


You may be thinking, “I know that I need to love myself more to feel and do better...” 


But that’s a widespread misconception in the wellness and personal development world. 


The SECRET hardly anyone talks about is NOT that you have to love yourself more. 


That’s just hard work. 


“Nadja transmits so much love and devotion; she walks her talk, and I felt her heart and care. Highly recommended!" -Gerrie, UK


The truth is much more effortless: all you need to do to experience a deep and fulfilling feeling of self-love from within is to accept and RECEIVE the LOVE of your TRUE SELF (whom I and many others call your Big SHE). 


Your Big SHE is the biggest, wisest part of you, your feminine Soul, and your inner guide when you’re confused in your choice between fear (a.k.a. insecurity and self-doubt) and (self-) love.


In fact, SHE is YOU. 


THIS is the missing piece in the self-love puzzle. 


“Nadja has amazed me. She combines lightness, comedy and poetical beauty with life-changing depth. It is an open invitation to pure love. You just have to come inside.” -Josefin, Sweden


TRUTH BOMB: You can’t fake self-love by pep-talking yourself in front of the mirror -- you have to embody HER to fully feel, see, and believe it.


Because nobody cares how many times you double-tap motivational “girl-power!” quote-cards on Instagram -- if you can’t feel deeply loved from within, your mind will always convince you that it’s a lie. And then you end up doubting yourself even more...


To feel truly confident, you have to ALIGN with the love, power, and compassion of your Big SHE. 

You know what happens when you receive HER love with ease?



  • see the cha-ching flowing into your business because you work from PLEASURE and INSPIRATION, taking PRIDE in the value you’re offering. 


  • wake up every morning EXCITED to get to work because you are on PURPOSE with what you’re meant to do.


  • unapologetically put your quirky self out there, knowing that your audience ADORES your YOU-ness and special gifts.


  • enjoy promoting and selling your work, knowing that you’re actually HELPING and SERVING your clients.  


  • quit your boring day-job while having FUN doing what makes you truly HAPPY all the time. 


Imagine being able to achieve all of that (Plus more! How about a happier intimate relationship to boot?!) in less than 6 weeks with a proven system that you can use again and again. For real.

INTRODUCING... Self-Love for Conscious Entrepreneurs, a course that will change the way you experience self-love forever. 


This program is different from anything you’ve ever done before.


It facilitates a deep and lasting transformation by providing you with the tools you need to create an intimate relationship with your deepest, wisest Self.


Once you’ve established a relationship with HER, self-love will feel like sipping margaritas on the beach. Under a sun-structure. With your hot new date massaging your feet...


Who knew that this could have such a profound effect on my life? Every day, we women face challenges. Just getting through a day, balancing our lives between work and taking care of our homes and loved ones can be enough of a challenge. So I dove in headfirst and for this, I am eternally grateful. The number of insights I gained from the exercises was profound. From day one, it was like jumping on a wheel, and it just kept spinning and spinning (in a good way). Each lesson was an opening to the next and in such an opening into the Divine. Nadja keeps her promise, the practices are elegantly simple and took a maximum of 30 minutes to do. However, the effects last much longer. My inner light is now shining brighter than ever.” - Amy, USA


"I got so much value from this course! I loved all the practices, they were extremely transformational and healing and the meditations were fantastic as well. I especially loved the meditation of meeting my Big SHE. Nadja transmits so much love and devotion, she walks her talk, and I felt her heart and care. Highly recommended!" -Gerrie, UK


Are you ready to feel authentic self-love for the rest of your life?

How to get from self-doubt to self-love

  • 1

    Module 1: Discover the truth about Self-love

    • Video: Discover the truth about Self-love

    • Your Workbook

  • 2

    Module 2: Raise your vibration and soothe your anxiety

    • Raise your vibration and ease your anxiety

  • 3

    Module 3: Meet your inner guru, your Big SHE

    • Meet your inner guru

    • A Meditation for connecting with your Big SHE

  • 4

    Module 4: Stop pushing and accept love for yourself first

    • Stop pushing and accept love for yourself first

    • A meditation for receiving the unconditional love of your Big She

  • 5

    Module 5: Overcome insecurity and trust your inner voice

    • Overcome insecurity and trust your own voice

  • 6

    Module 6: Surrender to fully receive HER guidance

    • Stop the manic manifesting and receive with grace

  • 7

    BONUS: 4 Expert Interviews

    • Interview with Aisha Salem

    • Interview with Aude Barras

    • Interview with Michaela Boehm

    • Interview with Charlotte Cronquist

  • 8

    BONUS: 21-Day Mini-Course

    • The One You Love: A 21-Day Journey To More Vibrancy and Aliveness

Here’s everything you get:

  • 6 course modules. These modules are PACKED with over 60 minutes of video content, a 60-page course compendium, transcripts of all the recordings, and more. There’s no such thing as passive learning with this course. We’re going deep! And by the end of the program, you’ll have a simple, clear, doable plan to keep your connection to self-love growing. ($500 value)

  • 2 guided audio meditations. Here, you’ll first meet your Big SHE, the source of true self-love, and begin to build a lasting relationship with her. Next, you’ll be guided to actively ask to receive HER LOVE for you, an unforgettable experience that may just make you cry (in a good way). ($500 value)

  • 6 SHE-practices, one for each lecture. Other than the meditations, there are guided journaling prompts to help you reflect on what you just learned and deepen your understanding of self-love. YOU are your own best teacher, and all the wisdom you need is already within you. The practices help you extract it from your heart and womb. ($500 value)

  • 4 recorded video interviews with female experts. You’ll have access to my library of interviews with other wise women; leading teachers and experts in the industry like Michaela Böhm and Aisha Salem. This will help get a wider perspective and support your new spiritual understanding. ($500 value)

  • Lifetime Access to all the materials. You get to download and access the course materials and all updates, forever! (priceless)

”Nadja has made me feel that this place of love, of feeling amazing just by relaxing, is always with me. I only need to allow myself to feel it. And then, as a great gift from the Universe, came this course – a beautiful present to deepen my daily practice. It helped me unfold the treasure, the sweetness of life. It supported my feeling of wholeness. I feel intensely grateful for being part of this beautiful journey and this very supportive inspiration. If I could rate it between 0 and 10, I would say: 11 plus!” - Maike, Holland

The best part? The more you connect with your Big SHE through these exercises, the more you BECOME HER -- an expression of unconditional love that touches everyone you meet.

TOTAL VALUE: $2000-,


But wait, there’s more...

If you sign up right now, you get instant access to my mini-course, THE ONE YOU LOVE, A 21-DAY JOURNEY TO FEELING MORE WHOLE, VIBRANT, AND SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED totally FREE!

TOTAL VALUE: $2097-,


THAT’S A SAVING OF $1,900-, …!!!

“The female version of David Deida -- like sweet poetry. Nadja creates a loving space that is so soft and wonderfully shaped that you don’t want to miss out. The further into the course I dive, the deeper the exercises become. I love it! I will keep the tasks in a sweet little spot to remind myself every time I'm off track.” 

"This course has been very transformational. The teachings were spot-on and easy to understand. I felt deeply seen, and Nadja’s ability to deliver the message is great. It was new for me to meet my Big SHE, and it was new to receive guidance from HER, but it turned out to be so helpful. I am in full gratitude towards Nadja; she’s helped me have deeper trust in my intuition and feminine wisdom. I'm still living my life from a very masculine perspective (go-mode), especially when in my professional life. These teachings have helped me relax more into my feminine softness, pleasure, and inner calm and stability. I draw on these insights every day. It is something I would not want to live without… I highly recommend this course to anyone." -Lærke, Denmark

Here’s what happens after you click that magical JOIN NOW button:

  • You’ll be taken to a page where you fill in your payment details. Begin your self-love journey with any major credit card.

  • Right after you’ve paid, you’ll get a confirmation email with your membership access (where to go, how to log in, etc). Hello, immediate access to the loving wisdom of your wisest Self. 

  • Learn, journal, and meditate. Go through all the modules in one day or take a week or more for each module. You choose your timing. 

NOTE: All sales are FINAL. You get instant access after purchasing and the course is yours for life.


"Nadja has a beautiful vision for women. Her dedication to giving space and voice to the Divine Feminine is emanating through her gentle presence. She guides deep and meaningful meditations and has an open and explorative approach to feminine spirituality." -Tine, Denmark

"Nadja’s calm and comforting energy made me relax fully so that I could allow everything to come up and be transformed in front of my own eyes. I love her approach! It's so intelligent. Wow. I feel so strong, peaceful, and trusting right now. I totally recommend her. She helps you get to clarity, peace, and empowerment."  -Jeannette, Sweden

"I’m just so grateful for Nadja’s gift. Everything felt exactly right. She brought me a personal breakthrough indeed, and great tools to work with for myself to practice real self-love. Everything felt really authentic! Thank you, Nadja! - Merel, The Netherlands

"What I experienced with Nadja was such a gift. The insights and awareness were profound. She helped me open up, explore and feel the Divine in me. I highly recommend Nadja to every female entrepreneur!" -Annette, The Netherlands

About Nadja Eriksson

Nadja is a feisty writer who helps conscious entrepreneurs express their unique brilliance, seduce their audience with words (*figuratively*), and sell better online.

She’s passionate about supporting conscious entrepreneurs because she knows firsthand the struggle of not feeling confident. For years, she’s been burdened by self-doubt, until she discovered the unconditional love of her True Self, a.k.a. the Big SHE. Over her 10 years in the self-help industry, she’s helped well over 300 clients elevate their happiness and fulfillment levels through connecting them with their True Selves during powerful coaching conversations. Now, she’s helping conscious entrepreneurs like YOU do that at a fraction of the cost of hiring her one-on-one with her course SELF-LOVE FOR CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURS. When she’s not consulting or writing, you can find Nadja hiking in the woods, reading books, or playing with her kitten Hemingway. She’s a real badass (just like you!). ;)

Hand on heart, girlfriend.

Isn’t it time to *finally* become the CONFIDENT WOMAN you know you can be, serve the world with your SPECIAL GIFTS, and have the INCOME you deserve?  

Success doesn’t have to be a pipe dream or something that only other women have. It’s available to YOU RIGHT NOW. 

Your Big SHE is always here, waiting for you to come home and connect with HER. 

Why wait? Do it NOW! 

"Nadja is a skillful and deep teacher who guides her students with clarity and compassion to finding inner balance and a solid connection to their own inner guidance. She leads you to trust the Source of truth and power inside of you." -Ingunn, Norway

Got questions? I've got answers! Just email me at and I'll get back to you shortly.